Revisiting media headlines on Wikileaked cables

In a previous post ‘Hidden Message in reporting of Wikileaked cables‘ we simply listed the reports published to date on the Wikileaked cables.

While the subject deserves far more attention than a WordCloud, I (we) haven’t had time lately to do anything more substantial. However, there are a few hints of potential bias that are apparent just by glancing at the headlines themselves.

For example, of the 43 articles (19 from the Irish Examiner, 10 from the Irish Independent and 14 from the Irish Times) :

1) 14 of them could be broadly described as condemnation (or the reporting of condemnation) of Wikileaks for making public the leaked cables

2) 5 of the articles focus on the potential or actual ’embarrassment’ brought by the cables on world leaders, personal and political

3) At least 5 articles focus on allegations of sexual crimes made against the Wikileaks founder in Sweden

4) Only 17 foreground the contents of the leaked cables, as opposed the political response / damage limitation arising from the leaked cables

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