Hidden Message in reporting of Wikileaked cables

Below are the articles published so far by the Examiner, Irish Times and Irish Independent on the latest leak from Wikileaks. Compare and contrast these to this account from Democracy Now! An interview with Noam Chomsky.

If you plug the headlines in to Wordle a hidden message seems to appear:

Affected countries condemn Wikileaks, Irish Examiner
World capitals on alert ahead of third WikiLeaks onslaught, Irish Examier
Cameron set for embarrassment by new Wikileaks documents, Irish Examiner
Wikileaks disclosures ‘will put lives at risk’, Irish Examiner
WikiLeaks: Arab leaders sought US strike on Iran, Irish Examiner
Sweden seeks Wikileaks founder in rape case, Irish Examiner
Sweden seeks to detain WikiLeaks founder, Irish Examiner
Ecuador offers home to WikiLeaks founder Assange, Irish Examiner
US orders security review in wake of Wikileaks fiasco, Irish Examiner
Karzai ‘pardoned suspected drug dealers’: WikiLeaks, Irish Examiner
China ‘would accept united Korea’: WikiLeaks documents, Irish Examiner
US prepares response to Wikileaks barrage, Irish Examiner
Iraq: Release of confidential cables ‘very unhelpful’, Irish Examiner
Australian police investigate Wikileaks founder, Irish Examiner
Leaks show Netanyahu backing for land swaps, Irish Examiner
The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Turkey have US nuclear weapons situated on their soil., Irish Examiner
Arab leaders ‘asked US to attack Iran’, Irish Examiner
Downing Street condemns publication of leaked cables, Irish Examiner
President voices outrage over North Korean attack, Irish Examiner

US braced for Wikileaks release, Irish Independent
Allies braced for WikiLeaks claims, Irish Independent
Leaks may endanger lives, US warns, Irish Independent
Cameron ‘faces leaks embarrassment’, Irish Independent
Arab rulers ‘asked for Iran attack’, Irish Independent
Review call after WikiLeaks release, Irish Independent
Australian police probe Assange, Irish Independent
Assange fights rape probe ruling, Irish Independent
China ‘would accept united Korea’, Irish Independent
Karzai ‘freed connected suspects’, Irish Independent

Pentagon braced for more WikiLeaks, Irish Times
US warns allies of new release of files from WikiLeaks, Irish Times
Arab leaders sought attack on Iran, Irish Times
Arab leaders urged US to attack Iran, says WikiLeaks, Irish Times
Israelis claim WikiLeaks PR boost, Irish Times
US condemns WikiLeaks release, Irish Times
Unvarnished reports offer insight into true diplomatic thinking, Irish Times
‘Potential threat’ to UK security stressed, Irish Times
Berlusconi scornful of ‘parties’ claim, Irish Times
Proof Arab states fear Iran, says Israel, Irish Times
44 ‘secret’ cables among 910 sent from Dublin, Irish Times
Wikileaks embassy cables: the key points, Irish Times
Release of reports ‘an attack’ on world community, Irish Times
US in damage limitation mode after latest WikiLeaks exposé, Irish Times

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