Book burning vs Collecting body parts of the murdered

During last nights excellent discussion hosted by Leviathan Political Cabaret the question was raised as to whether the media has been instrumental in creating the storm over the Florida pastor and the religious book burning. The New York Times had a good think about it yesterday and Juan Cole posted a list of the ‘Top Stories More Important than Quran-Burning Nut Job’ today.

But the Irish Times gives a perfect example of how media priorities shape not only our perception of the world, but the political energy devoted to the issues reported:

The caption beneath the photo reads:

“Pakistani men hit an effigy of Pastor Terry Jones in Punjab province, Pakistan.”

and just to the right of the image is a link to a story titled:

“Soldiers charged with murder

Twelve US soldiers have been charged with crimes in Afghanistan ranging from murdering civilians to keeping body parts as war trophies.”

A more detailed report on which can be found at the Guardian.

They could also be giving the front page to cancer rates in Fallujah, but they’re not.

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