Facebook losing face?

A new group has been started on facebook whose objectives are to make them modify their editorial/moderation style.  If even just a few of the problems in the list copied and pasted below are true, then it does raise serious questions about exactly what facebook is and why it would not extend normal internet etiquette and custom to its users.  Here are the gripes:

>>> Join this group if you think that The Facebook Administration’s increasing use of it’s “right” to disable the profiles/accounts of Facebook Users without any explanation is just STUPID and UNACCEPTABLE. <<<

Facebook is shutting down profiles/accounts of users who are exhibiting any behavior it finds remotely “suspicious”. As a result, Facebook users are increasingly reporting that their profiles/accounts have been disabled/deleted by the Facebook Administration without warning or reason. It’s now commonplace for Facebook profiles/accounts to be temporarily and permanently disabled for legitimately sending messages, adding friends, sending group invites, using nicknames and poking.

Facebook enforces limits in order to prevent certain actions that can be considered abusive. Profiles/accounts will be disabled for persistent and rapid use of a certain feature. UNFORTUNATLY, for “security reasons”, Facebook REFUSES to tell us what these limits are!

Being stopped from using Facebook for reasons we have no knowledge of is WRONG. Being stopped from using Facebook without being given the opportunity to discuss the reason(s) concerned, or to extract ones personal information, photos, etc, is WRONG. For some people, being locked out of Facebook, whether temporary or permanently, is a disaster socially. It is as if their email accounts, friends, rolodexes and photo albums have been stolen from them.

As WE THE USERS make Facebook possible:
1. WE DEMAND Facebook clarifies the exact difference between spamming and being social.
2. WE DEMAND Facebook stops disabling/deleting our profiles/accounts without a clear appeals policy in place.
3. WE DEMAND Facebook stops disabling/deleting our profiles/accounts without clear warnings prior to each act it deems “suspicious”.
4. WE DEMAND Facebook stops disabling/deleting our profiles/accounts without clear protocols in place for Users to extract personal information from disabled profiles/accounts.


All in all, not very encouraging, on the face of it.

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