Indemnity is the order of the day

What is the use of it, Vincent Browne, if when tackling politicians head on – as you did on so many fronts with Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan on your programme on TV3 last night – you nevertheless refuse/omit to raise the greatest economic scandal of our times with him: the giving away of our desperately needed gas and oil resources? Considering the dire state of the eoncomy and the impact it is having on hundreds of thousands of people, it’s beyond comprehension that you should leave this issue unaddressed. 

Given the excerable documentary made by your colleague at TV3, Paul Williams, which the channel have yet to apologise for, many are speculating that you have been forbidden by TV3 from covering the Corrib Gas issue on your programme. 

 Silence is the media’s most lethal weapon and they have used it again and again to play their part in bringing us the uniquely corrupt, greedy and incompetent style of government and society with which we are endlessly afflicted.  The media only ever find their courage after the fact – when the damage is done and the once powerful safely emasculated and often dead. Indemity is the buzzword of the day: for vicious child sex abusers, for Shell, for corrupt bankers, for genuinely failed politicians like Bertie Ahern, for the property developers who have destroyed our economy – and for the media, who shield themselves behind mountains of pompous posturing about ‘balance’ to disguise their cowardice and complicity.  A plague on all your houses.

Miriam Cotton

1 thought on “Indemnity is the order of the day

  1. Yes, I saw this and while the first part of the interview was very satisfying to see, in part two Vincent had a go at the ‘Fianna Fail’ mess and kept saying ‘you made a ball’s of it’ – which was a bit of a let off when you consider that much of what they did was done deliberately to favour their backers and pay masters, Shell being one of them.

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