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RSA Animate with Steven Pinker

Below is the latest animation from RSA’s series (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). This time it’s Steven Pinker with ‘Language as a Window into Human Nature‘:

I think this is the first time an audience member’s input has featured in the animation [at 2:00 mins].

A selection of previous animations can be found here.

RSA Animations

The RSA Animation of David Harvey’s lecture ‘Crises of Capitalism‘ did the rounds a few months ago, but there are another few animations which are also worth highlighting. Here is Barbara Ehrenreich with ‘Smile or Die’:

Philip Zimbardo on ‘The Secret Powers of Time’:

Jeremy Rifkin with ‘The Empathic Civilisation’:

and here is Dan Pink on ‘The surprising truth about what motivates us’: