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Route Irish Times – Part 1

An Interview with Lara Marlowe, Foreign Correspondent for the Irish Times

For 12 years Lara Marlowe, as foreign correspondent for the Irish Times, has covered events from Algeria and Serbia to Iraq and the wider Middle East as well as providing regular reports on events from France where she is based.

Since 2003 she has offered a consistently critical account of the Iraq war and occupation. Hers is one of the few voices to challenge the mainstream narrative at a time when many of her colleagues were and still are turning a blind eye to the sorts of realities that she has brought to attention.

This critical account does not go unnoticed by those in the profession less concerned with journalistic standards. She has been derided for writing what are wilfully misdescribed as ‘bad news stories’:

“Prime Time’s Mark Little is now so well informed on Middle East politics that we no longer have to depend on doomy dirges from Lara Marlowe.” (‘Rising parade: compliments, complaints and sheer boredom’, Eoghan Harris, Irish Independent, 23rd April 2006)

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