Corporate / proprietor influence in the press

  1. Below is an exchange between the UK Independent’s @donne_mark and @owenjones84 and @medialens, discussing the London Evening Standards famous guest editor and the industry’s response:
  2. mrevgenylebedev
    Proud to have Tony Blair guest-editing the Evening Standard (@standardnews) today. Plenty on the news list for him
  3. donne_mark
    @medialens legitimate to ask why @owenjones84 refused to publicly condemn the Blair fawning/guest editing of the standard? Clue: proprietor
  4. OwenJones84
    @donne_mark @medialens I tweeted out last week calling for people to protest his presence at Arsenal stadium
  5. donne_mark
    @OwenJones84 @medialens but why not the standard? Scrutiny free, obsequious publicity, free to 1.5 million people? Many others did?
  6. donne_mark
    @OwenJones84 I accept that. But intrinsic to what @medialens worry about is corp influence. Why did you choose not to question standard?
  7. donne_mark
    @OwenJones84 @medialens for context, every ref to standard in my blog on media/Blair was removed & piece signed off by adviser to proprietor
  8. OwenJones84
    @donne_mark @medialens Not exactly a massive constraint on my ability to push left-wing views, is it?
  9. donne_mark
    @OwenJones84 @medialens I’m asking a pretty specific question here? Would you have condemned the times if Blair was scrutiny free guest-ed?
  10. donne_mark
    @OwenJones84 @medialens and actually, if you self- censor to appease proprietor/employer, subject to events could be huge constraint no?
  11. donne_mark
    @OwenJones84 @medialens process really worried me,studied media ethics as part of NCTJ & this IS an issue to which it seems none are immune
  12. medialens
    @donne_mark Interesting, thanks. Have you got the original to compare against the published version?
  13. donne_mark
    @medialens well yes, is almost identical, save removal of direct refs to ES. To have signed off by adviser to proprietor was to me stunning
  14. donne_mark
    @medialens i know why @OwenJones84 refused to condemn ES, he texted to explain & I understand. Issue is a culture where he feared reprisal?
  15. donne_mark
    @OwenJones84 @medialens should say have contributed to the independent for few years & have great respect for editorial integrity. I think!
  16. For more on this subject read this comparison of media reaction to @Wikileaks Julian Assange and Iraq’s Tony Blair:

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