Another Climate Change ‘debate’

  1. media_bite
    Coleman, has his finger on pulse as usual RT @MarcPColeman: Joe Caulfield of Turn 180 & John Gibbons of @think_or_swim debate #climatechange
  2. media_bite
    On the day we find Higgs boson Coleman hosts a climate ‘debate’ RT @MarcPColeman Joe Caulfield of Turn 180 & John Gibbons of @think_or_swim
  3. think_or_swim
    @media_bite @MarcPColeman Yes and no David. This was a ‘climate change – is it real?’ make-uppy debate, actual issues barely mentioned
  4. media_bite
    @think_or_swim @marcpcoleman Thats what I thought, unbelievable that media are still pumping this formula, a waste of yours & listeners time
  5. MarcPColeman
    @media_bite Your blogsite says “a shot at bias in the media”. How is representing both sides “bias”? Wd you prefer only 1 view?
  6. MarcPColeman
    @media_bite People have said same about representing US Republican view ie that there’s no “need” to air any view other than Democrats (1/2)
  7. MarcPColeman
    @media_bite That view is commonly held in the Irish media which gives almost 100% representation to Dem when analysing US politics (2/2)
  8. media_bite
    @MarcPColeman True, its time we brought back debates about link between smoking and cancer
  9. media_bite
    @MarcPColeman The premise of these debates is that there is actually a scientific debate about validity of theory, when there isnt
  10. media_bite
    @MarcPColeman oh and about US politics, while it is entirely irrelevant to GW, media discussion about US power is deficient in most respects

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