Dan O’Brien, Economics Editor, Irish Times

Sat 11 Nov 2005:

“Because the UN is as imperfect as it is indispensable, questions abound about its future. Important in determining this will be who succeeds Kofi Annan as secretary general. He or she will have two main challenges: first, to persuade members to implement reforms of its failing institutions; second, to be an effective crisis manager. Bertie Ahern fits the bill because these challenges play to his leadership strengths and expose none of his weaknesses, writes Dan O’Brien

1 thought on “Dan O’Brien, Economics Editor, Irish Times

  1. To Dan O’Brien
    Referring to your article this morning, 11th May, which I haven’t read yet but will I just want to saythat I greatly appreciate your articles above most others’ on the state of the country but the rweason there may be a no vote is because the people all over Europe are fed up with the lack of democracy. People feel they are being treated like mushrooms – fed sh…. and kept in the dark by the establishment.
    Why should the little cat rescue the fat banker cats ?
    Public spending, pay and welfare are too high !
    The country has great resources only half used.
    We could all live more economically without reducing our standard of living
    Tried to find your email on the net to send you more of my thoughts.
    You do a very good job as an economics writer but PLEASE bear in mind that the public are desperate to understand and resolve all our economic/social/political problems and need to be far better informed in layman’s language in order to be democratically engaged.
    Please send me your email address.
    Charles Henry.

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