The web’s political rainbow

The latest article from MediaBite takes a look at the “network of websites publishing information and debating issues that Ireland’s mainstream media should have but did not”.

“The citadel of mainstream Irish journalism has been disturbed by the arrival of interactive, internet-based news and discussion forums that anyone can participate in. A vibrant network of websites has appeared and while they could be as much criticised as praised, many are a serious challenge to the status quo…continued here

Originally published in the October 2011 issue of Village magazine.

1 thought on “The web’s political rainbow

  1. It’s very educational receiving news and opinion unfiltered by mainstream media shenanigans. You mightn’t always get the full story but most times you get a side of a story that the mainstream would disregard.

    On one news/political site the coverage of Tahrir Square was above excellent – and very immediate and put the mainstream in the shade.

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