“the slow return in confidence”

“Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan said he believes the spread between Irish bonds and benchmark German bunds will ease from current “crisis” rates to the more sustainable levels seen in April of this year, if the Government’s fiscal policies are implemented.”

“”Much of the reason for the slow return in confidence [sic] lies in the parallel weakness of the fiscal situation,” he said.”[Irish Times, 10/11/10]

Where’s the evidence?

1 thought on ““the slow return in confidence”

  1. much of the reason for the slow return inconfidence is the abject failure of bankers economists and accountants to convince irish rich speculators to invest their wall of cash back into the i rish green economy it is leaving our country because of the devious performance of our economists to highlight our debt and they have deliberalely overshadowed our green growth which is growing steadily maybe they should tear up their sad little graphs display the Irish smash, not crash ,we now have green drivers at the wheel they do not consistantly look in the rear mirror they are steering us on to a new green motorway that will make the imf green with envy now smash the crash and remove bank terrorists who are now sitting in their golden caves as taxpayers business people ,and the socially deprived are been mutilated the media need to crack that cave we want justice at
    all levels and the media have an golden oppurtunity to turn this around bad news no longer sells look at the decline in advertising

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