Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You

The Media – A week in review

“But, given the scale of the budget ahead on December 7th, the most severe in the history of this State, everyone will be hit in order to cut back by this magnitude of money. It is to be hoped that those with the broadest shoulders will carry the greater burden. Fairness and equity across the public and private sectors are paramount.” [Editorial, The Irish Times, 5/11/10]

“Brendan Smith, the agriculture minister, announced a European Union-funded scheme today that will enable the country to tuck into the EU’s cheese mountain. 53 tonnes of fresh cheddar will be distributed from 15 November with collection centres in towns and cities around the country.

The minister said the scheme was “an important means of contributing towards the well-being of the most deprived citizens in the community”.

“I am very conscious that many people find themselves in difficult circumstances at present and I want to commend the work of the many charitable organisations who are working on the front line to bring what comfort and relief they can,” said Smith.” [The Guardian, 5/11/10]

1 thought on “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You

  1. My thinking on the cheese is its better than crumbs what we now need is a legal system that will trap the fat rats that caused this crisis. urgent leglislation needs to be fast tracked to ensure that their pensions are frozen and that that banks are made responsible for their actions . They are playing a game with taxpayers money . which was lent to them under extreme presure this was a calculated trick to bail out shareholders whom not all had vast amounts of money invested It is imperative that this bank guarantee is amended with conditions. Good news These millions of share losses are paper loss only and are just as safe as a house , guaranteed to return when the markets recover so when they do ,a strucure must be put in place to ensure that the real winners are not the bankers or the rich speculators that it will be returned directly to the exchequer and fed back into the economy the green economy my belief is that this crash was more than a coincidence We now need to use they eagle approach and get rid of the Bank hawks that still are sitting on these boards waiting for the next golden egg

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