War Criminal to come to Dublin

Tony Blair will be at Eason on O’Connell Street on 4th September 2010.

For your information:

Prosecuting a crime against peace (otherwise known as a crime of aggression) depends on one of two factors… www.ArrestBlair.org

The Human Cost of the War in Iraq, A Mortality Study, 2002-2006

5 thoughts on “War Criminal to come to Dublin

  1. I sent emails to all the TDs this week regarding this issue, and had not one response. I emailed again this morning, and had all of two responses, one from Maureen O’Sullivan and another from Charles Doherty. The former took no position, the latter was in favour, but neither were willing to elaborate.

  2. Nice work Andrew. I guess it wouldn’t matter whether the whole country was spitting fire over this PR visit, the picture painted in the media would be of a warm welcome and a friendly chat.

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