2 thoughts on “Matthew Elderfield – Irish National Hero

  1. A once per decade mandatory monthly imprisonment of all in the banking and building sectors.

    The idea can be presented as Lough Derg-esque retreat that allows one to reflect on one’s sins while diminishing stress.

  2. How is it possible for him to shut down a Quinn profitable UK business totally when only 1 small aspect of the business is unprofitable. Would it not be due process of appoint the administrators to the company,let them inspect the books and decide on how the company is to proceed. It is just me that doesn’t understand how the Regulator can appoint administrator of the caliabre of Grant Thorton and then dictate to them how that business should be operated. Are the administrators running the company or not? surely they are better positioned and qualified given that they are present in the company, they are not on a work to rule like the FR office and they would not be too embarrassed, unlike the FR to admit shutting down the UK market was wrong but he is determined to stand by his incorrect decision to save his own skin, whilst allowing 1000 previously secured employees head to the dole ques.
    Lets not forget the job Elderfield did in the UK FSA before he headed of to sunnier climates;
    Jump ship 2 months prior to the Northern Rock collapse, then there was the nationalisation of the UK’s two largest motor insurers – Churchill and Direct Line, the UK taxpayer taking an 84% shareholding in RBS and the issues with Llyods. If this man is seen as the saviour of the Irish Financial system, and if his means of saving us is by shutting down profitable business and adding to the dole que, then GOD HELP US ALL!!!

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