Reflected glory, aaaaaaahhh

In response to Louise Holden’s piece in today’s Irish Times, where the Times basks in the reflected glory of Morgan Kelly’s wisdom and foresight, because they happened to publish a few of his articles seconds before the bubble burst:

Dear Louise Holden,

Thanks for the interesting piece on Morgan Kelly in today’s Irish Times. However, I wanted to ask why there wasn’t much discussion of whether the media played their part in labeling Kelly as a pariah. For instance, there’s no explanation why “Morgan Kelly” returns only 2 results from the Irish Times archive Dec1999-Jun2007 and one of those is for Fingal Golf Classic.

Best wishes,


[I’m told by someone that due to some rare unforeseeable technical anomaly¬† I could be out by some 1838 entries, however, I’m 100% certain of my correctness, until such time that the factual evidence is provided, then as with all good economists (I’m not an economist) I reserve the right to revise my opinion]

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