Congratulations Brian, You’re Fab!

Front page of the Irish Times today, along with a photo of what looks like Cowen pegging a snow ball at a social welfare recipient:

Cowen says 2009 most difficult year of his political life

“TAOISEACH BRIAN Cowen has described the past 12 months as the most difficult of his political life but has insisted that the economic situation has been stabilised as a result of the measures his Government has taken.”

Seems like Fintan O’Toole was right when he said the terms of the debate have been set and the papers can do nothing but adhere to them. Cowen laid out a list of achievements and a timetable, and here we are 98 days later with letters of congratulation from both the Irish Independent and the Irish Times.

Cowen clears hurdles but he must get off the fence

“The hurdles Cowen identified back at the start of September — “the Lisbon Treaty, restructuring the banking and bringing forward the Budget” — are all overcome, provided Budget 2010 passes, as expected. The Taoiseach can justifiably breathe a sigh of relief at his Government remaining intact.”

How Brian Cowen’s 100 crucial days played out

“All of these Deputies supported the Budget despite speculation that some or all of them might go overboard. Cowen and Carey were also the prime movers at Cabinet in bringing forward the Social Welfare Bill by a week. This passed through the Dáil on Friday December 11th – which was 98 days after Cowen first spoken about a crucial hundred days for the country on the Late Late Show.”

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