Gogartygate: Letter to Irish Examiner

12 December 2009

Dear Sir
As reported in today’s Irish Examiner, Deputy Paul Gogarty (Green) was to be heard in the Dail yesterday afternoon attempting to persuade Deputy Emmet Stagg (Labour) – and the country at large of the sincerity of his conviction that while inflicting savage cuts on those who cannot afford them might be a wrong thing, it was also a necessary thing. Deputy Stagg evidently had some understandable difficulty with the internal contradiction in Deputy Gogarty’s assertion. At any rate, I think I might have worked out what Mr Gogarty must be driving at: the cuts are a wrong thing in so far as they severely penalise those who are innocent of responsibility for the government’s incompetence and mismanagement; but they are a necessary thing in so far as to say so keeps Mr Gogarty earning approximately 120K per year and the Green Party in power propping up the same incompetent government. I apologise in advance for the unparliamentary language of what I am about to say – and I hope he will take this on the chin for the country – but fuck Paul Gogarty. And fuck the Green Party. Again, my profuse apologies for the unparliamentary nature of what I just said. I’ve become a little thin skinned about suffering cringe-making, self-serving rationalisations from Green Party Deputies.

Yours sincerely

Miriam Cotton

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