Reuters Short Story Competition

First set the scene, à la war time Britain perhaps:

Israel and the United States launched a major air defence drill today as part of what Israeli public radio called preparation for a faceoff with Iran.

Introduce your central characters, the evil mastermind and the reluctant hero maybe:

The United States and other world powers are trying to talk Tehran into giving up nuclear technologies with bomb-making potential, while the Israelis watch warily from the sidelines.

Identify what’s at stake, existence itself for example:

Israel, which is assumed to have the Middle East’s only atomic arsenal, has hinted it could resort to force to prevent its arch-foe attaining the means to threaten its existence.

Temper the dominant plot driver with an element of doubt:

But some analysts believe that tactical limitations, and US misgivings about pre-emptive strikes, may compel Israel to accept a more defensive posture with the help of its top ally.

[Israel tests defences with US, The Irish Times, 21/10/09]

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