Guerrilla Busking

But first…

“One of the country’s most influential political figures, Ray MacSharry, has dramatically intervened in the banking debate to declare that Nama will not save “fat cat” builders and developers and some of them could even end up in social housing.” [Liam Collins and Daniel McConnell, ‘Builders to end up in social housing’, Irish Independent, 30/8/09]

“THE director of a major debt collection agency says he is “not in the business of imprisoning people” but that’s the only method available to those trying to collect unpaid bills….Declan Flood, the CEO of the Irish Institute of Credit Management, revealed that 200 people are imprisoned annually arising out of non-payment of debt.” [Vincent Ryan, ‘Locking up defaulters ‘is only way to recoup debt’‘, Irish Independent, 7/6/09]

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