A welcome coincidence

Shock horror, a decent article about Honduras in the Irish media…

“Latin America has long been plagued by military coups – routinely backed by the US – against elected governments. And Honduras, the original “banana republic”, has been afflicted more than most. But all that was supposed to have changed after the end of the cold war: henceforth, democracy would reign. And, as Barack Obama declared, there was to be a “new chapter” for the Americas of “equal partnership”, with no return to the “dark past”.

But, as the coup regime of Roberto Micheletti digs in without a hint of serious sanction from the country’s powerful northern sponsor, there is every sign of a historical replay. In a grotesquely unequal country of seven million people, famously owned and controlled by 15 families, in which more than two-thirds live below the poverty line, the oligarch rancher Zelaya was an unlikely champion of social advance.” [Dangers in US ambivalence to ditched Honduran democracy]

Marking the return of a Seumas Milne / Irish Times ‘syndication’, after a full 9 year break.

It’s highly unlikely that it’s appearance has anything at all to do with the submission for publication of the MediaShot below to the IT”s foreign desk a day before. But it’s a welcome coincidence.

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