Stop Climate Chaos with a Motoring supplement

By David Manning

“However overwhelmed or helpless we feel, one painless step that we could take would be to take part in the Stop Climate Chaos protest at noon on Sandymount Strand on Saturday, June 13th.

The Metro newspaper [owned by the Irish Times] is printing special red and blue covers for the event. Participants will use the covers to create images, such as a giant egg-timer, to symbolise time running out. It will be a message to politicians that people want action now. (http://www.stopclimatechaos. ie/)

Every era has its blind spots and sometimes they result in tragic injustices like industrial schools. However, our blind spot in relation to climate change is truly enormous.

If even a fraction of the Doomsday scenarios predicted by climate scientists come true, our children will be asking us questions within in a far shorter time span about why we failed to take action on climate change.” [Breda O’Brien, the Irish Times]

Perhaps I’m being too cynical, but…

Dear Breda,

Do you think it would acceptable if participants at the Stop Climate Chaos protest used the cover of the IT travel section instead?

Best wishes,

David [6/6/09]

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