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On Wednesday The Irish Times revealed it’s editorial position on ‘the Corrib Project’:

“There are among the protesters a core who will settle for nothing less than the abandonment of the Corrib gas project. This is not in the national interest and would have potentially far-reaching implications for the rule of law. For these protesters whose views were not endorsed at the general election, all efforts at mediation and compromise are rejected in favour of continuing agitation, pushed to the limit of what is legitimate in a democracy” [1]

We responded the next day:

Dear Geraldine Kennedy,

Wednesday’s (13/06/07) anonymous editorial ‘The Corrib Project’ proved revealing in it’s frank summation of The Irish Times’, until now, somewhat veiled position on Shell’s proposed profiteering of Ireland ‘s natural gas.

In sharp contrast to the commendable professionalism of Lorna Siggins, the anonymous author plumbed the depths of caustic humour in an effort to turn the table of uncompromising, previously held by Shell, over to the protestors. The weapon used for this attack of ridicule, a toilet, elsewhere more plausibly referred to as a security cabin, proved an effective implement. In exposing the protestor’s intransigent position on this one particular issue, the placing of a ‘toilet’, albeit via un-permitted access through private land, the author felt confident enough to declare: “a sense of proportion has long vanished from this entire saga.”

Who could disagree? Shell and it’s partners stand to reap enumerable billions through their exploitation of the Corrib gas field, and contrary to the anonymous authors claim, they have no reason to serve our ‘national interest’. That Shell are only now, after years of inflexibility, considering alternative routes that would be “”safe” and “further away” from housing” is a testament to the fact this editorial hits far from the mark. That this is the reality of the saga and the ‘newspaper of record’ chooses to forgo it’s influential position as an opinion shaper, instead opting for toilet humour, is evidence enough – the sense of proportion has long since vanished.

Yours sincerely,

David Manning
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1. http://www.ireland.com/newspaper/opinion/2007/0613/1181302058974.html

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